The All Pets Wellness Foundation (APWF) was founded to provide financial assistance to owners whose pets have a life-threatening illness or injury and where the family would not be able to afford said treatment due to financial constraints.

Because of the overwhelming difficulty of performing due diligence for every person who will apply for assistance as well as the need for the AWPF to fully understand the treatment being prescribed, the APWF will only accept applications from pet owners who are working with a pre-approved veterinarian.

Working with doctors who have already been approved by the APWF will:

  1. Maximize the timeliness of the approval process for the prescribed treatment.
  2. Maximize the timeliness and efficiency of payment to the attending doctor (APWF makes payments directly to the veterinarian’s office as opposed to sending it to the client).
  3. Helps ensure maximum fiscal responsibility with APWF donor’s financial contributions.

There is no cost to the veterinarian to become an approved member of the APWF. To apply to become an approved member, complete and submit the following form and an APWF representative will contact you shortly to discuss the program.